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What we try to achieve:

  • Encourage an understanding of nature and the universe beyond the widespread scientific and mechanistic view.
  • Promote a perception of Nature having an intrinsic value regardless of its usefulness for us.
  • Campaign where we feel nature is abused or treated against the above principle, particularly with regards to destruction of woodland.
  • Uncover the driving powers and real reasons behind environmental insanities.
Save the Knettishall Trees

Latest campaign:

Save the Knettishall Trees

Save the Knettishall Trees

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is undertaking a huge landscape re-design at their nature reserve Knettishall Heath. Their plan is to not only protect the still existing heath, but to also "claim back" land that over many decades has developed into natural woodland. This has resulted in five winters of felling thousands of native trees of different varieties, young and mature, in almost every part of Knettishall.

There is more information of a higher order of sophistication and complexity stored in a few square yards of forest than there is in all the libraries of mankind. Obviously, that is a different order of information. It is the information of the universe we live in. It is the information that has been flowing for millions of years. In this total information context humans may not be necessarily the highest or the most interesting product. Gary Snider "Turtle Island"